On doing and not making mistakes

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This topic just came about as I was thinking about the mistakes or wrongdoings that I have done. The moment where you are scolded because you did something wrong although you did try your best, heck it was your first try anyways, but no, people are more result oriented. So if you do something wrong, most of the time you will be penalized in a certain way. Sometimes, even if people say
“ That’s a waste of time” or  “Don’t you have anything better to do” even those words can make you feel a bit down.

People ignore the fact that human learn from their mistakes. It is said that Thomas Alva Edison tried 1000 times before he came out with his ever so famous invention, the light bulb. There is only one way that you will never fail and never make mistake and that is by not doing anything, by not trying a new thing, by not pushing yourself to a certain limit, by doing the same routine.
As we get older, we don’t embrace change easily, we fear new things, and we want stability and comfort. When I continued my studies, I remembered how nervous I was sitting for the exams and taking tests. Beats SPM, Matrix & Degree for sure haha.

One of the main reason is because we care much about the perception of others. We feel embarrassed when people point out our mistakes. I feel the same way too. And it gets worst if the perceptions come from the people that we already know. I rather embarrass myself in front of complete strangers then in front of family members/friends/colleague.

So sometimes what I do is I turn to social media. I join certain groups that can benefit, encourage me and share new knowledge. Try to find new friends who have similar interest, so in that way, they won’t ridicule you! So for those out there trying new things, reach out for those who can give you a hand & support you and mute the negative sounds around you.


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