On Passion in Life

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I really am jealous of people who can find their passion in life and pursue it. No matter what the field is – fashion, sports, art, design, writing etc. The fact that they know what to do and do what they really want to do is a huge thing. For most of the people it is their childhood upbringing that sparks the interest – Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, just mentioning a few figures that their stories have been told before.

The inspiration not necessarily comes from the parents, it might come from peers, siblings, neighbours and so on. But the main thing is why does childhood gives such an impact? For me, maybe because during childhood we don’t have anything to fear, free against any judgement, not afraid to try things, and not being afraid of failure and scepticism. It is the age where they are supposed to explore everything, find their interest. They are only children once.

But what will happen when these children are burdened with responsibilities at such young age? What will happen if they are scold and condemned because of their fault? They are children, they make mistakes, they fail if they try and that’s ok. It’s a learning process. Parents and in general the society expect kids to excel in their exams, as if, if they don’t get straight A’s it is the end of the world for them. So the kids are afraid, they become timid and shy especially the “non-performing” students. They don’t want to fail, so they quit trying things. They focus on drills and force themselves to become excellent. Because when they do, that’s when they get praised, that’s when they get the compliment that they wanted to hear so much. The media also lends the spotlight to students who scores the most amount of A+, the best school, the best state.

Well some of them might succeed, yes they will get great results in exams, yes they may turn out to be that picture perfect student in school, in universities. But then what? Will they be joining the rat race? Can they still succeed in life after the college years?

Bottom line is, find a way to find your passion. It’s still not too late to try new things. Finding passion comes from the process of trial and error. So get inspired, try new things and remember to find and cultivate the passion.


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