Live in the Present

Sometimes it is easier for us to think about the past, to question “What if…” We regret things that we did wrong or we didn’t do. But the past is just a history as some people say. It’s over and its time to move on. Sometimes we always think about the future. We also ask the same question “What if…” We become afraid of the uncertainties, of things that might happen or might not happen. 

But what about the present? We forget about it? We let it slip away until it becomes the past. I have to admit, sometimes I am like that. So I’m trying to balance things out. I’m not saying that thinking about the past is totally a bad thing. We learn from the past so we don’t repeat the same mistakes. We reminisce the sweet memories that are dear to us. And of course we have to think about our future, we must be prepared for what lies ahead. But, the present is most important. Live in the moment, live in the present. The present is a gift after all. Carpe diem!