Chasing after happiness

I think that most of you will agree if I say that we always think that other people have a better life than us. The grass is always greener on the other side, as the saying goes. So we chase after that happiness. Wanting to achieve the kind of happiness that we think they have. But what is happiness? How can it be defined? It certainly can’t be measured. Happiness comes in different form, that giddy feeling when you stumble upon someone you have a crush on, that proud moment when you received you degree, when you cried after delivering your baby, that ecstatic state you’re in when your football team won a game.

But how long does it last? A year? A month? A day? An hour? Definitely it is not forever. Feelings are never constant. That ‘happiness’ is just a temporary high. Who wouldn’t be happy to buy something? For instance a car, a sports car. Of course you’re happy but it’s only for a certain moment. Will you still be happy a day after that? A month? A year after that? So you keep on chasing, searching for ‘happiness’.  The thing is, life is not ALWAYS about being happy. Life has its ups and downs so you’ll never catch up with happiness. Maybe what we should be looking for is a balanced life. When time gets hard, just remember that it will past, and some kind of happiness will come