The downside of being moderate? Ambitious VS Moderate Dilemma

Another rambling this time. Don't know about you guys but since I was young, I was always the frugal type haha. Buying cheap stuff, finding the best promotion, getting super saving deals and so on. (Pssstt I'll tell you a secret, people still ask me where I buy my clothes/tudung expecting a  name of a boutique or a famous online store haha but most of the time, I'll buy it from cheap stores or the night market ;) the secret is having a good eye and mix & match guys!)

So living that kind of life is some what ok. I'm not into the latest trends, following certain brands, collecting shoes & handbags. Even my car is a Malaysian car, really low maintenance and low monthly payment. Its all good coz I can spend my money on travelling!

BUT! there is a but guys. Being moderate can make you feel complacent and make you feel at ease.You don't feel pressured to get something or achieve anything and you'll sometimes feel less motivated. You're basically in the comfort zone, playing safe. You feel like everything is enough.

So that's why having an ambition is important. Being ambitious in achieving something will make you more motivated and inspired. Maybe not so in terms of material things (although that is a HUGE pushing/motivational point for most people), but maybe in other things, such as being ambitious in doing good deeds, starting a business etc.

Anyways, the point is, maybe I should set my goals, be ambitious, plan to achieve what I want in life!